The Presentation-

Dramatic Illustrations can sell a project, and at SCENEPAINTER that's what we concentrate on. From paying attention to the finer details, to the use of lighting to focus attention, these are the elements that contribute to setting a scene. The point of view can be from that of someone approaching a project or from a bird's-eye view to show the over-all layout. The main thing is that we create a model that allows for total flexibility from any angle.

The Process-

Once the initial contact is made, we'll need the plans for your project - preferably in an electronic format. We can accept DWG, DXF, MCD files (other means might work as well) and generate the geometry of the model from that. Also needed are indications of the finishes sought, whether color or some sort of texture, such as stone brick and so forth. From that point we'll determine what other information is necessary to get the finished artwork that you're looking for.

The Product-

You determine how the artwork is delivered to you depending on what you plan to use it for. It can be rendered as a still-image at whatever resolution desired. If you need it for a large-format print or a web-presentation that's how you'll get it. The model can also be used to make Animations (Fly-throughs, Fly-arounds, whatever), Panorama Movies and Object Movies. These can then be emailed to you, posted to the web or delivered on disc. We can even give you an interactive Flash movie that allows the viewer to change colors of various elements. You tell us.